Stabilimenta is an operational strategy consulting firm serving innovative and creative professional services organizations in the Triangle, North Carolina, and beyond.

Our mission is to help small organizations become more efficient and effective so that the quality of their operations matches the quality of their services.

We help our clients identify current operational issues and gaps within their organization and provide a clear road map of how to address these issues. We are creative problem solvers who deeply listen to our clients and work collaboratively with them to design and execute an operations plan that’s right for their organization.

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About the founder

Jamie Ousterout founded Stabilimenta in July 2018 to help small, growing professional services companies establish and optimize their processes so that they can more effectively serve their clients and engage their employees. She thrives on developing relationships with her clients and working alongside them to achieve even more growth and success for their organization.

Jamie has spent more than a decade in creative, marketing, and digital companies, serving local, regional, and international clients. While predominately working in client service and project management roles, she always has had a keen focus on operations. Jamie has worked with clients across various industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, technology, and non-profit.  

She graduated from Cornell University in 2009 with a bachelor of arts in English and history, and is an advocate for liberal arts education because it taught her how to read critically, think deeply, and communicate clearly. Though a very proud Colorado native, Jamie has lived in the South since 2009 and considers Raleigh home. See her LinkedIn profile for more details.


Values & Beliefs


No Nonsense, No Drama

We believe in getting things done efficiently and logically without the drama.

Flexible Determination

We believe that giving up is unacceptable, but we know that we have to be open to different ways of thinking or alternative paths to achieving a goal.

The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Lie

We believe that honesty is the key to all relationships, and we will always tell the truth to our clients…and ourselves.


What does Stabilimenta mean?

Stabilimenta is the scientific term for the beautiful, decorative structures seen in some spider webs. Though scientists are not in complete agreement, many think these carefully woven patterns work together to provide strength and resilience against the elements.

As a company name, Stabilimenta means we help our clients create a strong operational structure that allows them to attract customers and talent, outperform their competitors, and more easily withstand unforeseen issues.