Operational Strategy Engagement

Our core service offering is called an Operational Strategy Engagement, which assesses our clients' current operations and provides prioritized recommendations for improvement. This engagement is conducted in three phases:

  1. Discovery & Research: We review our clients' existing organization structure as well as conduct qualitative and quantitative research gathered from interviews, observation, and surveys. These data are collected into a detailed insights report that includes organization anchors (positioning/mission/vision/values/promises, personality) as well as identified operational issues, gaps, and opportunities. 

  2. Action Plan: Based on the research, we create a personalized action plan with prioritized, tiered recommendations for our clients. The plan includes a detailed task list with proposed deadlines and accountability. 

  3. Execution Follow-ups: Strategy is great, but execution is crucial, so we follow-up periodically after the the delivery of the action plan to monitor execution progress and consult as needed on follow-up questions.


Comprehensive insights report (PPT & PDF formats, 50-75+ pages), including:

  • Current state of the organization

  • Client, partner & employee findings

  • Organization anchors (positioning/mission/vision/values/beliefs)

  • Identified organization issues & gaps

All raw survey data (Excel & PDF formats)

Custom, tiered action plan (PPT format, 25-40+ pages), including:

  • Tiered initiatives with step-by-step implementation instructions, deadlines, and accountabilities

  • Branding & marketing recommendations

  • Next steps & summary

Additional associated deliverables that are customized based on client needs but may include an organization chart, new employee onboarding checklist, job descriptions, etc.

Each engagement is uniquely tailored to the client and their organization’s needs and is priced on a per project basis. We generally recommend all new clients begin with an Operational Strategy Engagement.

Contact us to set up a free introductory meeting, so we can learn more about your organization and needs.

Execution Services

While we recommend all clients begin with an Operational Strategy Engagement (see above), we also offer the following additional services:

  • Onboarding program development

  • Workshop facilitation, including goal setting workshops

  • Creating documentation, such as process and training guides, job descriptions, and process workflow charts

  • Creating templates, such as employee review and goal setting templates as well as new business pitch templates

  • Training for current employees and/or new hires 

  • Optimizing project management/CRM systems

These services are scoped on an hourly or per project basis.